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Porch Party Records’ artists Dustin Lovelis and Joel
Jasper have become good friends by being on the
label and practicing and performing at countless
shows together. Recently, they decided to cover each
others’ songs. The result is the two song EP Plastic-
Body available exclusively on the Porch Party



// How did you meet? //

Dustin: Joel and I have both been in local bands since I moved to Long Beach 11 years ago. We were always kind of acquaintances but never really crossed paths. A few years back I ended up moving pretty close to the old Porch Party House (before PPR was a thing) and would see Joel, Casey and Zach sitting on the Porch listening to records. PPR was on my way home from work and my local watering hole so naturally I swung by one day and started talking music. Joel and I are both pretty opinionated. We would routinely get sauced and talk shit to each other. It was a slow boil but eventually we became great friends. Patience makes a good sauce.

Joel: eHarmony

// What made you want to cover each other's songs? //

Dustin: The more we hung out the more we realized how much we actually had in common. Musical tastes started to blend together. We would share records we loved and new music we were writing. We even started a weekly listening meet up. We forced the other to show up with 2 new original songs a week. Every Sunday we would drink beers and share new tunes. One of those nights went pretty late and we joked around about covering each others songs. A few days later I had Joel's version of "Plastic Flowers" in my inbox. It was good. I thought to myself, "that motherfucker" and got to work on "Summer Body." At that point we realized we were both fans of each other's music.

Joel: I had this idea one day, wouldn’t it be rad if all the porch party bands covered a song from our catalog? Just a fun family exercise, thinking it would be cool to hear different versions of songs we’d already put out, from artists already on the label. I thought, If I do one, maybe everyone will want to do one! So I recorded a cover of one of my favorite Dustin songs. I sent it to him to see what he thought, and in what seemed like 24hrs, I had a version of one of my songs from Dustin. On first listen together, at one point we both thought, I almost like your version better. Hopefully we get some more cover swaps out of it!

// What's coming up next for each of you? //

Dustin: I am pretty deep into tracking my second record. It's full of some weird shit. Arabic worship, crying babies, abandoned skyscrapers and Frank Lenz. It's gonna be a real barn burner. Joel is reading the chemical breakdown to Xantham gum in one song and also plays bass on about half of it. Kids got chops.

Joel: I’ve honestly just been absorbing music lately. I’ve been playing live in multiple bands (including Dustin’s group), listening to a lot of records, going out to shows, trying to sit in on anything music related and learn from it. There are so many different aspects to the world of music from recording and touring to business and booking. It’s insane how much work goes into it all. I feel like I just started creeping out of a shell holding some new knowledge and am ready to write some new music.


released June 3, 2016

Dustin Lovelis re-works the song “Summer-Body” off
of Joel Jasper’s debut 7”, which is also the first ever
release from Porch Party Records. Jasper chose to
cover “Plastic Flowers” from Lovelis’ debut 12” LP
“Dimensions” released last year.


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Porch Party Records exists to release music and promote shows with our friends all over California.

In 2009, we began hosting shows and letting bands record and practice at our house. We all chill on our porch listening to great records with a tangled web of dozens of bands from up and down the coast. Now we make records and cassettes. Let's have some fun.
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